Flash mobs and the mainstream media.

Flash mobs  have dominated the mainstream media in 2011 .   The majority teenage kids are using  social media to creating a chaotic atmosphere.  Social media have worked successfully networking freedom fighters/citizen in the middle-east to overthrow dictators.  In England social media was used for organizing riots causing civil unrest.   Finally in the  USA social media brings young people together to rob…….. 7-Elevens gas stations.  With the lack of  summer jobs or summer camps, today’s tech smart kids will do what kids do best, causing damage to the community. With the state & federal governments slashing budgets, these incidents will continue to grow b/c of the lack of jobs and parenting. Where are the parents?? Where? Are the parents in America too busy to raise their children or is this the fault of the great recession? Only time will tell. USAToday goes further:

“A large group of kids, using a social networking site, select a time and retail outlet to rob en masse. The mob converges and quickly overwhelms store clerks before scattering with stolen merchandise.

This week, a mob robbed a 7-Eleven in Maryland. They’ve also hit Chicago, Washington, Las Vegas and other cities across the USA. Irate Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter recently chastised black teens for his city’s flash mob problem, saying, “You have damaged your own race.”

The trend’s timing couldn’t be worse for retailers, already suffering in the wake of the Great Recession. Of 129 retail outlets surveyed by the National Retail Federation, almost 95% say they have been victims of organized criminals in the past year — the highest in the survey’s history. And to add technological insult to injury, the Internet makes it easy for these kids to sell the goods. So retailers are fighting back with more anti-theft technology and partnerships to help identify thieves who resell stolen goods. Local police, with the FBI’s help, also have begun monitoring social media sites more closely.”

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