Trump plays the 9/11 card…Jeb Bush goes crazy

Although Donald Trump is the Republican front-runner, it’s strange to see how he attack other Republican candidates. In the latest episode of the Republican clown show, Donald Trump calls out George W. Bush for the attack on 9/11. While being interviewed, a reporter asked a question that some how turned into Mr. Trump mentioning that 9/11 happened under the 43rd president. The reporter tried to push back. How could he blame the president for 9/11, but it did happen on George W. Bush’s watch. Jeb Bush pushed back by saying his brother kept us safe, but you can’t have it both ways. If the Republican party can still blame Obama and Clinton for Benghazi, then why can’t George W. Bush be blamed for 9/11. This is why Jeb Bush is in serious trouble; Jeb Bush can’t separate himself from his brother when it comes to politics. Donald Trump will continue to hammer the Bushes on this issue, which will grow his lead in the polls. Attacking another Republican like this proves the Republican party is fractured. Watch the interview question below:

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