The real Mitt Romney revealed?

romney ryanLast week, a documentary about Mitt Romney hit the airwaves on Netflix to reveal the true side of Mitt. What you might see in this documentary will probably change your mind about Mr. 47 percent. The film humanizes what people thought was a robot running for president in 2013, and it also shows just how important Ann Romney is to Mitt and his success.

Although political campaigns are all about sound bites and disinformation, this documentary will have you thinking that Mitt Romney isn’t that bad after all. Some would say that if this documentary was released before the 2013 election, Mitt Romney would’ve had a chance to win. Everything is 20/20 after the fact but this documentary was released at the perfect time, at the end of his political career. Once a person loses people have a kinder heart towards that person later.

Mitt Romney is seen in a better light nowadays, and if he was president then people would dislike him more just because he’s president. I never thought Mitt was a bad person, but I don’t think as president he was the solution to the problem. We have an income inequality problem and Mitt Romney wasn’t the person for the job. Filmmaker Greg Whiteley discusses his exclusive access to the Romney campaign for the new documentary “Mitt.”

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