Paid off Dems goes against Obama debt reduction plan.

Even the Koch Brothers contribute to a few Democrats now & then.  The latest Dems against Obama debt reduction plan have all been paid off by the healthcare industry.  It’s sad when a politician is voting not on the behalf of their voters but on behalf of corporate interest.  These Dems are what they call “the blue dog coalition” (voting record in more conservative than liberal), and these Democrats also voted against the Healthcare bill “Obamacare” last year.  Shocking huh……this story by Suzy Khimm of Mother Jones continues:

“A small but growing Democrats are lining up to oppose a major element of Obama’s deficit reduction plan—and all have received major campaign contributions to the health care industry. As I wrote last week, Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-TK) became the third and highest-profile House Democrat to support a GOP bill to repeal a Medicare panel with sweeping authority to make spending cuts to health-care providers and services.”

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