Mr. Trump, you’re FIRED!!!

I love it, I love it, I just love it.  Donald Trump is almost at the end of his so call presidential run.  The King of the “Birthers” is now the King of the “?”.  His free fall started after the release of Obamas birth-certificate, followed by the killing of Bin Laden.  Now, the only thing listening to Mr. Trump is his hair….

This article by Emily Swanson of the Huffingtonpost continues:

“Trump’s drop in support could be related in part to a sharp drop in the number of Republican “birthers,” as measured by PPP, since President Obama released his long-form birth certificate to the public. In the new poll, 48 percent of Republicans said they believed Obama was born in the United States and 32 percent said that he was not. In a February PPP poll, the firm’s most recent poll on the subject conducted before the birth certificate release, only 28 percent said he was born in the US while a 51 percent majority said that he was not.”

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