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me2Launched in April 2011, everythingispolitics.org is a non-partisan website.  The focus is mainly on current events and how it affects us today.  Our content will touch on an array of topics from politics to sports.

Jerome Furlow is an internet entrepreneur, political freelance writer and political blogger who studied political science and history in college. Jerome is very passionate about this country and the direction it’s heading. The content he writes about is clean-cut & informative. In the future I hope to draw a sizable audience for a knowledgeable conversation.

Everythingispolitics will enter new information two to three times a week. On the sidebar we have current events updated everyday via news or video. This site is growing fast and more work is being done to provide a genuine informative experience.

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  1. Sugaree2 says:

    No Fox news is NOT really news. It’s republican propaganda. In order to be qualified as news they’d have to actually be saying something.

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