Monthly Archives: November 2013

Former Indiana Senator Dick Lugar receives the Medal of Freedom

One of my favorite former Senators Dick Lugar receives a well deserved honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Dick Lugar served Indiana for many of years before he was ousted by a Tea Party opponent who eventually lost in the general elections. Dick Lugar was a Republican voice that everyone […]

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Political Cartoons from the third week of November

Continue reading... Website Security oversight and investigations

If you’re worried about signing up for healthcare on the federal or state exchanges, then this three plus hour video of testimony by Henry Chao, Deputy Chief Information Officer at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and others about the security of the website will help. Among […]

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50 years later and JFK is still a huge influence on my life

It’s been 50 plus years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated changing the future forever in America. Although I wasn’t born when he was murdered in Dallas, I still remember the first time I saw the footage of our young president’s brains being blowing out. I was only five years […]

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